Android, the world’s most popular operating system

According to Google data, Android is set to become the world’s most popular mobile operating system. This year more than a billion people will be using the Android operating system on their mobile phones and tablets. According to a research company, Google’s most popular Android operating system has been installed and sold in more than 2 billion mobile phones and tablets so far.

The presence of Android in a billion devices will make it the world’s most popular operating system. Earlier, no mobile phone, computer or tablet operating system exceeded that target.

Second is the “Windows” operating system, whose users are about 36 million and thirdly Apple’s operating systems “Mac” and “iOS” whose users are 34.4 million. Has reached

According to research, Android’s success is due to its low-cost mobile phones, and Google does not prohibit any company from installing the Android operating system. Appeal The main reason for the low sales of IOS is its cost and the appeal’s monopoly. Because of this, no other company can use this operating system on their mobile phones.

Finally, there is the BlackBerry number, which has dropped from 2.5 million to 1.5 million.

One billion users of Android

There has also been a significant increase in the number of Android users in Pakistan, mainly due to the low cost of local mobile phone companies and the open sale of China Mobile.

A large number of Pakistani consumers are reluctant to buy Apple’s phone, which is due to their price and local guarantee. If Apple sells mobile phones locally in Pakistan through its distributors, then surely a large number of users will be interested in buying it.


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