Details of Google’s new “Android TV” come out

Details and screenshots of Android TV, launched by Google, have surfaced. Google Android TV will provide entertainment services such as pre-existing TV services such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku, and through high-quality TV channels, YouTube and other on-line Internet TV users. We will provide line services.

Android TV will provide a leisurely interface instead of a computing platform. Its “UI” IE user usage screen will be significantly different from Android smartphones and tablets.

Google has said that it has tried to make it as easy and fun as possible. Google has instructed developers to build apps that match the card base Android TV interface.

Other apps include Google Play, Movies, YouTube, Hangouts, Netflix, Pandora, and more. Video games are also expected to be included.

The interesting aspect is that Android TV will be available in the popular, and inexpensive Chrome-cast HDMI dongle. This means that interested developers will have to create two different interfaces as there are two platform forums.

It can be controlled with the help of Amazon Fire TV remotes. Details of Google’s new “Android TV” come out


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