How to choose different volume in Android

Many of us would like to keep the volume of our smartphones higher than the volume of Facebook, which means when a phone call comes, your voice is louder than Facebook or any other application.

The good news for Android users is that Android lets you select three different volume levels in your operating system, now you can set your ringtone, notification, and music to your custom volume.

Our article will try to show you how this can be possible?

First go to your system settings, in Android 4.0+ this will come down to the notification panel then selecting the setting icon. Or pressing the Apps icon and then pressing Settings.

Going to the Settings menu, go to Sounds and then Volumes will open three different types of sliders.

Media (Music, video, games, etc), Ringtones & notifications and Alarms

You can now select the volume for your phone’s music and other services such as video games and more by selecting the volume for Media.
Select the ringtone volume of your phone by selecting Ringtones.
You can select the volume of Facebook and all other applications by selecting Notifications.

Note: There may be one or two more steps depending on your smartphone, such as in Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, go to Settings and select Device and then Sound.


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