Huawei will introduce two operating system smart phones

According to Huawei’s Chief Marketing Officer Shaw Yang, we are giving the user a new choice by introducing two operating systems, Android and Windows Phone, together into a single smartphone.
Mr. Yang has also made it clear that Huawei will only support Windows Phone, but since Windows is a user, it will be a bit difficult to decide to buy a phone while in the case of two operating systems, the user will have Opt into the operating system.

Android developers are against the idea, saying that it’s not fair for Google’s rival Microsoft to take advantage of Android to sell its Windows Phone.
Mr. Yang, however, has confirmed that he will be offering two operating system handsets for sale in the US in the second quarter.

They have also shown that in the meantime we will also take into account various platform forums and inspect all operating systems.

He also said that Huawei has not yet thought about Samsung’s operating system “Ti-zen”. The inclusion of “Ti-zen” on smartphones is a question mark as Samsung plans to use it on its smart TVs and smartwatches.
Earlier, Karbonn, an Indian mobile company, also announced the creation of a mobile phone that runs on two operating systems.


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