The best smartphones of 2013

Thus, in the field of science and technology, new inventions and innovations continue to emerge. Computers and all devices that are the easiest means of communication have also been freed from the hassle of wiring to connect with the Global Village. But the technologies that have grown rapidly during 2013 will set the direction for the time to come. Here are some of them.

IPhone 5S and Five C
The sale of new models of the American company Apple’s famous smartphone iPhone began on September 20. The new iPhone models have been renamed as iPhone Fives and iPhone Fives. The two models were introduced this year by Apple at a special event.

Since the death of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Company two years ago, it has been a cause for concern for experts around the world that the company may not be able to keep up with the innovation and innovation that Steve Jobs had in his life. This company has been special. The design of both the newly introduced models is similar to the existing model ie iPhone Five.

The purpose of introducing FIVEC is actually to compete with cheaper smartphones than other rival companies like Samsung and HTC etc. Google Android system. Especially in countries with rapidly emerging economies like India and China where the demand for smartphones is increasing day by day. Fingerprint sensors have also been installed in the new model of the iPhone, thanks to this feature. Identifying your owner’s fingerprints will be unlocked but can be used later for many other applications.

According to the technology website News BGR, there have been many positive reviews on the introduction of fingerprint sensors on the new iPhone.

IPhone 5S and Five C

Sony Xperia
In September, Sony announced the launch of its latest waterproof smartphone Xperia z1 in Berlin. Although it is primarily an Android phone, it has most of the features that make it a very good digital camera.

In this regard, the Sony company has taken full advantage of its expertise in the photography market. The Xperia Z1 has a 20.1-megapixel camera with a G lens that allows clear and extremely colorful images. It also has a new feature called Social Life, which allows users to send their recorded videos and photos to the phone by hand over Facebook and receive comments from friends.

The phone also has an LED flash on the camera-like phone. Its display screen is five inches in size and the battery is 300mah which improves performance. This handset is a continuation of Sony’s current Xperia range of waterproof phones serial. It includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with 2.2 GHz QuadCore CPU One-time shift feature that can shoot 61 images in two seconds, ie one second before shutter and one second later so you can scroll back and forth to select the best images. ۔

Sony has mentioned about the camera lenses that come with it, saying that cyber shot lenses can be connected to any smartphone that is running on Android or iOS. The lenses are 54 and 75 mm wide. Although these lenses look great, they have full cameras in their position. Sony says that through these lenses, the dream of every person who keeps their smartphone is dimmed but wants to capture a picture that is offset by a great camera.

Sony Xperia

Mobile Choice, one of London’s leading magazine “HTC One” has revealed its first consumer choice for the millionth year and has given it the Mobile Choice Magazine Phone of the Year. HTC won the ‘Phone of the Year’s award by defeating its rivals Apple and Samsung in smartphone technology.

According to the magazine, a prestigious event was held in central London at the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards. In which the nominations in various categories of top mobile handsets were selected by the votes of the readers. HTC One won the Mobile Choice of the Year award this year, while other nominations for the award included Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z and Nokia Lumia 925.

The HTC One Semiconductor Choice Award also won the Best Design Smartphone of the Year and Best Video Phone of the Year category for the year 2013, while last year, users overall declared the Samsung S3 their favorite phone. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was defeated by Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for the best multimedia phone of the year. Sony Xperia Z \\ ‘defeated iPhone Five, HTC One among the best camera phone nominations.

The Tablet of the Year also won the ‘Sony Xperia Tablet Z’. Nokia Lumia 620 won the Best Value Phone of the Year award. The judges selected Samsung s4 \ ‘s Best Innovative Device of the Year for the Mobile Choice Magazine Award.



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