The Galaxy Gear 2 Smart Watch will come with modern design and flexible screen

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Smart Watch is ready to hit the market with its innovative design and new features. According to sources, the new generation smartwatch will come to the market by March or April.

Insiders have also revealed that Samsung is feeling the need to make changes to the upcoming “gear” design. Altogether it includes a new flexible “OLED” screen.

According to other news, Samsung has gone to the extreme and replaced all the parts that looked silly or boring.

According to some previous rumors, “Gear 2” will be 15-20 percent thinner than before. Here it looks particularly interesting how Samsung will handle battery problems.

As the Galaxy Gear 2 review revealed, two days of battery life will not be enough for a smartwatch.

The current Galaxy Gear sells for 800,000 and remains the focus of Android developers. Smartwatch has its own custom “Rome” even its “Kernel”. Which is also 1.6GHz. Has been locked down.


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