Using smart phones at night can make you slower the next day

New research has revealed that using smartphones for work at night can make you slower the next day. According to research, using smartphones in the business after 9 pm makes you slower and less responsible for your work the next day.

Russell Johnson, an assistant professor of management at the University of Michigan and author of the study, says that smartphone owners think that this keeps them informed of new investigations, especially when they are related to an educational activity. Yes.

The National Sleep Foundation says that only 40% of Americans sleep well, while those who suffer from sleep apnea are the reason for the use of smartphones for work.

Johnson says smartphones are designed to disrupt sleep because they make us think of ourselves virtually until late at night. This makes it difficult to separate ourselves from work and get calm sleep.

In one part of the same research, researchers conducted two types of experiments. In the first experiment, 82 upper-level managers were surveyed for two weeks. In the second experiment, 161 different types of professionals were surveyed. In these cases, the same thing has been said that using smartphones till night at work causes sleep disturbance and distances from work the next day.

Otherwise, one thing that came up was that other electronic devices like watching TV, using a laptop and using a tablet computer had fewer negative effects than smartphones.

Researchers say that at night, blue lights are released from smartphones to keep people in touch with themselves. Used to lighten, produce, a chemical that causes low sleep in the body.

Therefore, the use of smartphones at night has a physical and mental impact on the ability of the people. The best solution, says Jonsson, is to turn off smartphones at night, but this is not possible in today’s business era.


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